The Justice Research Institute (Ltd. Gte.) (JRI) is a justice policy and research think tank established in 2005. JRI undertakes research and policy development work in the justice and administration of justice sectors. It aims to be the most reliable source for data and critical information on the justice sector in Nigeria. It designs and implements capacity building programmes for justice sector institutions and actors.


  • JRI was commissioned by the LASG to undertake an empirical research on the perception of residents of Lagos State on capital punishment in the state.
  • JRI worked with the LASG in evaluating its justice sector reform projects and designing the strategy for deepening the reforms and defining a vision for the future through a Justice Sector validation meeting of stakeholders.
  • With support from the DFID/ Security Justice and Growth programme, JRI undertook a comprehensive Institutional Review of the Lagos State Magistrates’ Courts comprising an evaluation of the administrative structure, state of infrastructure and justice delivery performance of Magistrates’ Courts in Lagos State. The report formed the basis for the initiatives of the present administration’s policy on judicial reforms at the Magistrates’ Courts level.
  • JRI facilitates continuous training for prosecutors and investigators of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and the Independent Corrupt practices Commission, the two major anti graft agencies in the country on aspects such as compliance with International Best Practices and International Human Rights Standards, Networking with similar International agencies and education on preventive approaches to the anti-graft war.
  • In 2018, JRI designed and organised the annual seminar workshop for Board Members of the Lagos State Judicial Service Commission. The workshop was aimed at increasing the operational effectiveness of the Commission in order to enable it fulfill its mandate.
  • JRI implemented several capacity building seminars for internal and external solicitors of the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation. In 2019, JRI also organised the yearly NDIC’s sensitisation seminar for Federal High Court Judges to develop their capacity with the goal of keeping Judges abreast of current trends in Deposit Insurance Law and practices; as well as advances in DIS practices around the world.
  • With the establishment of National Clearinghouse in the Abuja through the Building a culture of Pro-Bono Project, JRI is at the early stage of building a robust commitment to pro bono services within the legal community. The initial successes of the project are remarkably positive: 500 lawyers signed on to provide free legal services; fifteen law firms currently signed to take up pro-bono cases; 89 pre-trial detainees from Abuja, Kaduna, Osun and Sokoto are beneficiaries of the free legal services; 110 cases presently being handled by the clearinghouse with over 28 cases brought to completion.

Research and Policy Development

The Justice Research Institute collaborates with a network of local and international policy makers and justice administrators to promote research on various aspects of administration of justice reform, welfare protection and conflict resoultion, amongst others.


In a bid to tackle security issues and combat crime, we have kicked off a campaign to make the case for the devolution of police powers in Nigeria. Through our research, we have been able to gather a full range of perspectives and evidence to support the reform and devolution of police powers. Our advocacy efforts will encourage community policing to maximize the resources available at the state level and compliment the efforts of the federal police.

The Elias Centre,

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